Making a website requirements document, qDesigns Victoria BC
The best practice is for web or multimedia development to begin after some form of requirements are discussed and agreed upon. We will start with a requirements document and move from there to design and development.

Don’t worry though, for most projects we can whip up a requirements document in just a few minutes, guaranteeing that we are on the same page and that all of your needs will be met.  

What is a requirements document?

A website requirements document covers two main points:

  1. What the site is supposed to do for the client’s business
  2. What the site will look like

Who is responsible for the requirements?

Clients should not be expected to know what’s possible on the web. That means that clients shouldn’t have to specify any solutions. Instead, clients should just describe their situation and goals so we can work together to design a solution.

What kinds of questions do you ask?

Have you ever played 20 questions? You know, that game where if you ask the right questions in the right order you can get the correct answer every time? That is exactly how the qDesigns Client Questionnaire works. We get to the root of your design goals and then we take your answers to the lab and come up with a solution.  Answers to questions like:

“What sets you apart from other companies in your field?”
“Can you describe your potential customers/clients?”
“What would happen if you did NOT have a new website?”

are very revealing about your goals and intentions with the project. When we are all on the same page, the rest is smooth sailing.

What happens next?

Once the requirements document is ready, you will start the project knowing exactly what you need to be successful and profitable with your online ventures. If functionality is identified, you will be able to answer questions from the website designers and developers immediately – this keeps the project moving, saves time, and saves you money. It will also minimize the time and effort required by developers to achieve desired goals and also minimizes the development cost.

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