VCS Requiem

The Back Story

Giuseppe Pietraroia conducts the Victoria Choral Society in the Duruflé Requiem. As the conductor-in-Residence for both Pacific Opera Victoria and the Victoria Symphony, Maestro Pietraroia stepped down from his role with the Victoria Choral Society this month, perhaps fittingly, with a concert of two requiems, by French composers Fauré and Duruflé.

How we did it

Videography can be a very expensive ordeal, but we have some tricks for making very professional videos on a very tight budget. Through connections with the University of Victoria we had the house audio from the concert saved for us to add to our video in post production. We used one camera hidden on stage to get Joey’s face and gestures and one at the back of the hall to get the scope of the ensemble. All of the zooming, cropping, and push-ins were done in post production so we did not have to hire people to pull focus. Cheap, effective, and exceedingly professional.

Project Details