Tours of Victoria

The Project

Brian Clarke came prepared with a vivid plan for his site, and together we created something that screams “Victoria!” almost as much as it highlights the best of Brian’s tour company. Tours of Victoria is a one-man tour company that takes visitors on a guided tour of the city in a vintage Lincoln Continental. How cool is that?

The Design

This site is very media driven. 100% of the photography on this site was done by qDesigns. We took all of the best sites and attractions that Tours of Victoria frequents and we photographed them at the perfect time of day to show off their beauty. Simply put: If people see how gorgeous this city is, they will be dying to take a tour. Nobody has died yet, but I guarantee they melt when they check out his offerings.

Interested in a design company that will do your multimedia as well? We think it is the key to success.

Project Details