The Project

qStudios is a private music school founded over ten years ago in Victoria, BC. What you are looking at here is ground zero for qDesigns. Over the ten years to follow I buried myself in learning everything I could about web design, development platforms, and the golden rules of content and marketing. ┬áMany years later, the site stands tall and proud, elegantly serving its purpose of making qStudios Victoria’s premiere music studio.

The Design

Over the years the site slowly started to bloat under the weight of eager and ambitious design. The lesson that followed is the one that drives the mission of qDesigns today: good design is about asking what you can take away, not what you can add.

The site serves a small set of goals: To catalogue the studio’s performance history; to bring relevant and timely articles about music to its clientele; to host a video library for students to complete assignments; and to engage with potential clients to keep new students coming through the door.

Simple and elegant design coupled with interesting photography and multimedia make this site the top rank for trumpet studios in Victoria, BC.

Give it a click if you like.

Project Details