SDP Fitness

The Project

SDP fitness was my favourite kind of web design project. I was asked to make a website for a personal trainer that would show class times and program information, have a blog for fitness articles, handle video, multimedia, and contact forms, and do it all on a very small budget. I love a challenge!

The Design

When the budget is tight and the demands are high it is best to turn to WordPress and find a framework with enough out of the box options to get the job done on time and on cost. This job turned around in under a week with a full gym schedule, blog, custom images, and elegant navigation.

Sometimes customized makes more sense than custom, saving everyone time and money, and getting the job done right.

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Victoria, BC, there is no one I could recommend more highly than Stevan and Denise Paranosic at SDP Fitness.

Project Details