The Project

Scola is a labour of love for qDesigns. A passion for education and a desire to get simple multimedia tools into the hands of teachers lead to the development of Scola in 2012. Scola is a free service that allows teachers to make a website for their classroom where they can share audio, video, photo galleries, and important events, while giving them the ability to create forms for student and parent feedback.

The Design

Most free offerings for teachers are very poorly designed and do not look professional enough for a classroom. Scola was built to be beautiful, functional, and usable by everyone, no matter how little technical knowledge they have. This job was 100% custom. We went from HTML wireframes to a development company who would handle the backend and user accounts. All of the icons and graphics were done in house from scratch, and we are thrilled to see teachers all over BC using this service to share their passion with their students.

All you need is a School District email address to sign up, the rest takes care of itself. Hop on and let us know what you think.

Project Details