Rob Pearce

The Project

Practitioner Rob Pearce provides complete head-to-toe musculoskeletal care to clients including high-performance and recreational athletes and those managing chronic pain, or illness. When it was time for a website redesign we came up with a clean and elegant solution to his web development problems.

The Design

Rob wanted a web presence that was very simple, would stream new clients to his doorstep, and focus clearly on his goals as a heath care practitioner. The strength in this design is that the whole site runs in javascript, which means that the pages never reload, even when you use the navigation menus. Visitors can find the information they need quickly and easily, and it works on all tablets and smartphones to give a custom look on all devices. This type of design is often called a vCard website. If this type of setup might work for you, give me a shout and we will get the ideas flowing.

Give it a few clicks and see how it feels. Give Rob a shout as well, he is a great guy with a wonderful practice.

Project Details