qPress Music

The Project

Many people look at the landscape of their particular field and quickly see the two or three big companies who dominate the market, then give up on the idea of competing in a crowded arena.  qPress is a fantastic example of how building a niche product in a market as big as music publishing can create immediately successful results.

The Design

qPress is a publisher of music for brass instruments, so the design was focused on discovery of products and the delivery of digital downloads after purchasing. Secure digital delivery was the client’s #1 priority, and coupled with the complexity of user accounts and credit card processing, the backend development for qPress was handled by Zenon Harley of SkyThink Solutions. All of the front end design and graphics were handled in house and delivered as a wireframe mockup. Zenon pieced together the modules necessary for secure transactions and product handling and qPress was ready for primetime.

The site was profitable immediately and is a good lesson in how dealing with digital goods can be an effective way to enter a marketplace when you are bootstrapping your company. Have a look at qPress here, I bet it will give you some ideas on how an online marketplace could benefit your business.

Project Details