Joey Pietraroia

The Project

Giuseppe Pietraroia is Conductor-in-Residence for both Pacific Opera Victoria and the Victoria Symphony. As a guest conductor he has been engaged by Symphonies and Opera companies the world over.  When his website was in disrepair, and years worth of reviews, interviews, audio recordings, and videos were floating around the internet un-catelogued, it was time for an overhaul.

The Design

This type of website is like a curated collection. Performance reviews, live audio, press, and videos need to be sorted and arranged so an artist’s body of work is chronicled throughout his career.  The layout chosen here allows all recorded audio to be available for playback using playlists in a discography format while allowing the viewer to read the supplemental material simultaneously. Press and interviews are combined in the blog section, and videos are given full width layouts so they can be watched in all their glory.

Have a poke about and click away, this site feels great under the fingertips.

Project Details