Janet Hepburn


When Janet Hepburn’s first book Flee, Fly, Flown was about to be published by Second Story Press in Toronto, it was time to get her website refreshed and her social media networks ready to spread the word.  This project included complete web design, digital mockups of the book for social media marketing, and video production for the run up to the book launch.


How to present a large amount of content is the hardest part about design. For Janethepburn.com we went with a dynamic slider to show off the novel and to bring viewers to her social media offerings. Knowing that the press and coverage of the book would generate photo galleries, videos, blog posts, and reviews, we structured the site so each type of media is in its own place, often with a simple javascript navigation filter so viewers can quickly find the content they want without having to reload the page so many times. There is a video-folio of her Youtube channel, a gallery of galleries, and a persistent reviews module to pique your interest in Flee, Fly, Flown if you have not read it yet.

All updates are pushed from her blog to her social media networks, with all design of custom images done in house. A turn key solution for an author who wants to spend more time writing and less time in front of the computer.

Flee, Fly, Flown is available here: iTunes, Kobo/ChaptersSecond Story Press.

Project Details