Flee, Fly, Flown

The Project

People wonder what it means to have a management team in charge of your social media. It can mean complete content creation independent of the client, but it is much more effective if the management team acts as a conduit through which a person or business will get their content out to their audience.

For Janet Hepburn’s social media marketing and web development we have created a beautifully simple flow of information. Janet and her publisher are at the top, sending press releases, blog posts, reviews, photos and video to us, and we break down the content into digestible bites for web and social media. Pushing out regular content that is relevant and timely, we help to strengthen her brand and SEO every day.


The cover of Flee, Fly, Flown was designed by Melissa Kaita and illustrated by Greg Stevenson. These digital device mockups were created for the social media marketing of the digital edition of the novel that was to be sold on iTunes and the Kobo store. Showing the book in use is a way of approaching your audience from a place of familiarity and trust. The book went on to be an iTunes editors choice, on the iTunes top ten books to read list, and featured on the kobo store direct mailings.

These digital mockups of Flee, Fly, Flown can be seen in full in their gallery online.

Project Details