Flee, Fly, Flown Cover

The Back Story

After the publication of Janet Hepburn’s first novel, qDesigns was commissioned to make a series of videos for the social media marketing leading up to the book launch. In this video, Janet takes readers on a tour of the book cover design from her home in Port Dover, Ontario. The cover was designed by Melissa Kaita and illustrated by Greg Stevenson.


Having Janet speak from the comfort of her own home without a script was the key behind the success of these videos.  When you use multimedia to tell a story it is a good idea to ask yourself why you are using the type of media you have chosen. Using video in this case allows the reader to see the book cover that Janet is describing while also getting a sense of Janet’s warm and caring personality. A script would mask her candidness and detract from her honest first impressions.

We managed to have great continuity between the videos, which included book readings, poetry readings and a two part interview on her career and writing process. All of the videos can be seen here, and you can follow her for regular updates on Facebook.

Project Details