Web Design and Multimedia Creation in Victoria BC
Akin to having projects done on time and on budget is the idea of vertical integration. That is, having your photography, videos, custom graphics, and web design all done in one place.

Why does this make things faster? Every design decision brings with it a thousand questions. How big, what colour, where will it go, how will users access it, can it be easily watched, absorbed, shared? All of these questions leave a designer waiting for delivered media so they can continue tackling design issues. How does qDesign use vertical integration to solve this problem?  

1. Fit the media within the budget

Every project is different and every client has a different budget. If you are looking to do a job on the cheap, we source the best stock photography and graphics we can find to suit your project. If you are looking to go custom, we set up photo and video shoots, and do all of the graphics work in house in Photoshop and Illustrator to give your site a one of a kind look.

2. We create a design style to suit your audience

If you look at sites maintained regularly by a design company you notice that the site develops its own style over time. Images start to feel right at home in the layout, and the site starts to develop its own unique voice. This is very hard to maintain when each piece of the puzzle is outsourced.

3. Think of social media as a website extension

When you make new posts and pages on your site they will always introduce a new piece of media. Maybe a featured image, sometimes a video, or maybe an audio snippet. If qDesigns manages your social media as well as your website, these pieces of media become an anchor that unifies the experience. Your message will be presented to your audience with one voice, and they will hear you loud and clear.

A great example is this blog and this Facebook page. A perfect match and a consistent experience.

Looking to have your social media and website managed to deliver a unified message? Be in touch to talk about options. It is even cheaper and easier than you think.