An article on the benefits of responsive web design for small business
The growth of mobile computing is unquestionable, in fact, studies show that mobile browsing of the internet will outpace desktop browsing in the next few years, or maybe even sooner.

If you are a small business owner or trying to market a product or service, it can seem like the technology world is adding a layer of complexity to your workflow, increasing your costs and slowing you down. But if you choose a suitable fluid/responsive web design from the get go, you can satisfy users on all devices at once. Read on to learn the benefits.  

Save big monie$

Before the days of responsive design, sites would have to be built separately for mobile devices or desktops, effectively doubling the cost of development. Now, we can make a site that is responsive to the viewer, changing its layout automatically depending on who is viewing it. Want to see it in action? Just shrink and expand your browser window (on a desktop) or rotate the orientation on your mobile device and watch this website adjust!

Save tonnes of time

Building one project instead of two saves lots of time (approximately half?) so that leaves you with valuable time to be doing what you love, like managing your business or watching baseball.

Beat the Big Boys at their own game

Some of your competitors may have been online for decades, but that is not always an advantage. For them to change their web presence to a modern fucntional design would be a massive tear down and redo. For you it is just getting off on the right foot. You are nimble and quick and can out pace companies too slow to change with the landscape.

Last longer 

While there is no such thing as future proof in technology, if you build your site using modern best practices in the case of responsive design, your site will stand the test of time.


Not your car, your clients! When visitors to your site have a good experience they are more likely to take action. That might mean signing up for a newsletter, calling with an inquiry, or making a purchase.

iPhone app please

No need for a mobile app in the App Store if your site works perfectly on every device and every platform to begin with. You won’t need to annoy your customers by asking them to download a special thingy to make their experience better. It will just be perfect every time.

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